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ABOUT Run By The Gun

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Times get crazy, times get hard – but the times never seem to change the facts for each era of disgruntled, mismanaged youth! Run By The Gun is the story of a NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike. Join Jonah, Sarah, Peter, Ada and the rest of their gang as they all do their very best to navigate their way through a rugged, urban reality of hard drugs, questionable sex, and, of course, a shitload of rock ‘n’ roll. 

Run By The Gun Performs Debut Album Inspired by their Comic Book Series for New York Super Week

Comics meet Rock for a night in the West Village as part of New York Comic Con

NEW YORK – August 26th, 2014 – It’s a New York Comic Con first: a band that merges rock and roll with a comic book series. Join Run By the Gun as they play songs off their debut album, ‘Songs From the Little Blue House,’ at Rockbar in the West Village on Thursday, October 9. Doors 9PM.

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whennerdsattack.com Highlights RBG’s upcoming NYCC Super Week Show

Thanks so much to our friends at whennerdsattack.com for showcasing our debut performance at NYCC Super Week on October 9.

Please don’t forget to purchase your tickets, seating is limited. We don’t want all the suits from NYCC to have all the fun, do we?

Come by. Have a drink. Share some laughs. Say hello. And most of all, enjoy the fucking rock show!

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