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ABOUT Run By The Gun

RBG Entertainment, LLC ©2012-Peter

Run By The Gun is a transmedia project involving a comic book series, music and live performances to tell the story of a NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike.

RBG’s music expands the narrative of the comic book series by allowing fans the ability to listen to the songs RBG’s characters write based on their lives and the lives of their circle of family and friends.

RBG’s comic book series allows fans of RBG’s music a greater understanding of how their songs came to be. In a sense, the books are a much more detailed, story-driven, version of liner notes.

Run By The Gun performs live, playing the songs detailed in the comic books but also performing songs that stand alone, furthering the artistic expression of the song writers. At RBG’s venue, everyone can experience the RBG transmedia project as a whole, combining the music, the books, and the live performance, to further push the Run By The Gun narrative.

Join Jonah, Sarah, Peter, Ada and the rest of their gang as they all do their very best to navigate their way through a rugged, urban reality of hard drugs, questionable sex, and, of course, a shitload of rock ‘n’ roll.

Run By The Gun, Issue #3

rbg3_p1_cbf_lettering_DRAFT2Suggested for mature readers: Months following the birth of Peter and Ada’s baby, Jonah is hard at work trying to build a new band with Peter. Meanwhile, Jonah’s relationship with Sarah has grown sexually, but not much otherwise. Despite feeling compelled to be in one another’s company, the two struggle painfully to get an understanding of both each other, and the new, toxic beast that their dubious, mutual attraction has created. Tempers flare and nerve-endings fray, as old behaviors and new attitudes threaten to crack Jonah’s well-crafted veneer of quiet strength. Will… the lone wolf… survive?

Written By: Zambia Green & Rey Miranda
Art By: Yasmin Liang, Tone Ellis De Jesus
Cover by: Sara Richard
Pages: 28
Color: Full Color Cover, Grayscale Interior

DIGITAL: Coming soon

PRINT: Comic Flea Market


Run By The Gun Comics, NOW IN PRINT!

We’re excited to announce that RBG Comics are now available in print from Comic Flea Market, through their online store: http://www.comicfleamarket.com

Not only will CFM be handling the printing of RBG titles, but they will also handle distribution to comic book stores at similar discounts.

CFM is mostly known for their partnership with Bluewater Comics.



NYCC Super Week 2014: Thanks to all for a great event!

Thanks to all who attended our FIRST LIVE event, during New York Comic Con Super Week 2014.

And special thanks to our EVENT SPONSORS:

Guitar Center
Plantronics Gaming
Caffe Vita


Big ups and 1 love to our brothers from Philly, Problem Solving! You guys were fucking great on stage and we truly appreciate you traveling North and playing with us. Awesome stuff!

Thanks so much to Adam, Tory, Rob, Kyle and Kevin, Those Mockingbirds, for helping us out last Thursday night at our New Your Comic-Con Super Week show. This band f’ing rocks! Please check their latest music out at the link below.



We can’t forget our editors and artists for our latest RBG Comic #3, posters and other merch:

Valerie D’Orazio, Yasmin Liang, Tone Ellis De Jesus, Sara Richard, Scorpio Steele and the Chroma Dolls.

Rockbar NYC and New York Comic Con, many thanks to you!

There’s more music and comics coming your way soon, so stay tuned!

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