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ABOUT Run By The Gun

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Times get crazy, times get hard – but the times never seem to change the facts for each era of disgruntled, mismanaged youth! Run By The Gun is the story of a NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike. Join Jonah, Sarah, Peter, Ada and the rest of their gang as they all do their very best to navigate their way through a rugged, urban reality of hard drugs, questionable sex, and, of course, a shitload of rock ‘n’ roll. 

Run By The Gun Performs Debut Album Inspired by their Comic Book Series for New York Super Week

Comics meet Rock for a night in the West Village as part of New York Comic Con

NEW YORK – August 26th, 2014 – It’s a New York Comic Con first: a band that merges rock and roll with a comic book series. Join Run By the Gun as they play songs off their debut album, ‘Songs From the Little Blue House,’ at Rockbar in the West Village on Thursday, October 9. Doors 9PM.

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The day that I met punk rock – Zambia Greene

ZGunn LiveIn 1979 I was 8 years old. My family owned a huge second-hand / antique shop on 3rd Avenue and 123rd Street in Spanish Harlem. My dad would populate the store with goods bought from homes in Northern NJ and Suburban NY. I would often accompany him on these estate buyouts, and whenever I discovered something I liked, he’d let me keep it – a toy piano, an antique marionette, boxes of books or… of records. And it was among a box of about 2 dozen or so records my dad said I could have, that I first met Punk Rock.


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Afro Punk Review

Thanks to everyone at AfroPunk.com for their support and kind words. We hope to have more interaction with Afro Punk and maybe lucky enough to perform in their summer music festival in New York City.

When you click on the link below, please rummage around AfroPunk.com and check out the latest artists, musicians, and trend setters.

Check out their article here: http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/feature-run-by-the-gun-comic-books-and-music-about-the-new-york

And they were kind in enough to post on their Afro Punk Facebook page as well:  https://www.facebook.com/afropunk/photos/a.93811151622.90220.47016231622/10152198621586623

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