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ABOUT Run By The Gun

RBG Entertainment, LLC ©2012-Peter

Run By The Gun is a transmedia project involving a comic book series, music and live performances to tell the story of a NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike.

RBG’s music expands the narrative of the comic book series by allowing fans the ability to listen to the songs RBG’s characters write based on their lives and the lives of their circle of family and friends.

RBG’s comic book series allows fans of RBG’s music a greater understanding of how their songs came to be. In a sense, the books are a much more detailed, story-driven, version of liner notes.

Run By The Gun performs live, playing the songs detailed in the comic books but also performing songs that stand alone, furthering the artistic expression of the song writers. At RBG’s venue, everyone can experience the RBG transmedia project as a whole, combining the music, the books, and the live performance, to further push the Run By The Gun narrative.

Join Jonah, Sarah, Peter, Ada and the rest of their gang as they all do their very best to navigate their way through a rugged, urban reality of hard drugs, questionable sex, and, of course, a shitload of rock ‘n’ roll.


RBG @ Recharge Lounge and Love Goat during SXSW 2016 (Wrap-up)

Run By The Gun went to Austin, Texas to perform several shows during the South By South West Music Conference and Festival (SXSW).

The first two shows were at Love Goat on Guadalupe Street. Close to the University of Texas, Guadalupe is one of the most popular stretches for indy showcases in Austin. RBG was ready to go as the sun came down, tearing into a set that featured songs from our current self-titled EP and previous album, Songs From The Little Blue House.

Our third show would take us to the offices of Videotape on Austin’s 6th street. During SXSW, Videotape is transformed into the Recharge Lounge. Hundreds of people flocked to the Lounge looking for a break from the standard SXSW fare. RBG, if anything, is a break from the norm, even by Austin’s standards.

Our last show was an impromptu set at 6th Street’s Trophy Club. The lack of hard rock on 6th street this year opened the door for us to play RBG’s brand of hard, indy rock, sound.

Thank you to The HYPE! For booking our shows, Love Goat, Videotape, and The Trophy Club for letting us play. Big shout out to Cynthia and Will High for letting us crash in their beautiful home for the week.

Until next year, Austin!

RBG @ Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse (Wrap-Up)

Run By The Gun played a free show at the Amalgam Comics Coffee Shop in Philly. This place just opened and has gotten lots of kudos for being the first of its’ kind on the East Coast, run by a black American female, Arrielle Johnson. So RBG was happy to be among the first bands to grace the shop’s welcoming stage.

It was also the first show in 2016 for RBG, which now consists of perennial Philly music scene player, Andre’ Coles, A.K.A. Boy Wonder on vocals and guitar – Andre’s talents were featured on the recent self titled Run By The Gun EP, recorded in Chicago under the helm of Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios – newcomer badass Jake on bass, and Branden King fucking the shit out of the drums.

The show was almost shut down due to the volume’s impeding the important business of aesthetic, assisted self-mutilation at the tattoo shop next door, but the situation was squashed with grace and aplomb by Arielle, and the afternoon was saved.

The show was good, especially for our first live outing ever. The band’s renditions of RBG mainstays, “Fucking Through Hell,” and “Holding On,” brought particular magic, as patrons danced, delighted, drank coffee and bought comic books

– Zambia Greene

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hipvideopromo profiles RBG

FROM hipvideopromo.com: Due to the nature of the RBG project, their first music video begged to be an animated story about the characters in the comic books. RBG needed a seasoned animation producer who was be able to work with an extremely tight budget and schedule. Jason Li was their man. Jason works for the TV show Archer. During that show’s hiatus, Jason was able to help RBG produce RBG’s “My Father’s Will” music video, assembling a team of animators, illustrators, script writers, compositors, and artists.


Then watch RBG’s animated video “My Father’s Will”

13thdimension gives RBG #3 props!

“Dig Love & Rockets? Check out Run by the Gun, a black-and-white indie comic written by a real-life rock band. Fans of music and comics should love what they’re doing! – David Gallaher, 13thdimension.com


Writer David Gallaher takes you through some of the most interesting books on ComiXology Submit, and we’re excited to say that Run By The Gun #3 is on this this list.

Read more at the link below!


Then run over to Comixology and download Run By The Gun issues 1-3


New York Super Week 2015 – Thank You!


Zambia, the whole Run By The Gun family and I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in our New York Super Week shows.

It’s been a long year creating and prepping all the new content that we released this past week.

Steve Albini and the Electrical Audio crew, these guys are every bit as good as the buzz surrounding them. Thanks for a great week of recording in Chicago. We learned so much watching you all work. Thanks for your patience, guidance, and support. These six songs are the best recordings we have done.

To our new partners, Rocksmith, FlossGloss, and Confetti TV, we hope you had as much fun working with us as we did with you. Thanks for getting so many eyeballs on Run By The Gun and to all our events.


Much love to Jay Li, Joshua Grubs, and their entire team of animators, writers, illustrators and artists. Thanks for working with Zam and myself on the animated music video for “My Father’s Will.” You are all uber talented. Mix that with your professionalism, and you get a team that’s stupidly cool.

Megan Wyreweden illustrated a great cover for our self-titled EP. We love it so much, we used the artwork as the center piece to our NY Superweek and album release campaign. We can’t wait to work with you again.

A special thanks to NY Super Week for having us for a second year in a row. We loved performing for your fans. We look forward to NY Superweek 2016.

Shout out to Oni Press, Jeffrey Burandt, Charles Soule and all the artists and readers from Oni’s Rock’N’Comics event. We were humbled by all the talent in that room Thursday night. You all inspired Zambia and myself to push further and to challenge our creative process as we move steadily forward. We’ll be reaching out with and for additional opportunities to work together.

Special love and thanks to Danielle Davis and her Ladykiller crew. We appreciate your support, positive energy and tremendous work ethic!

To our new partners, Rocksmith, FlossGloss, and Confetti TV, we hope you had as much fun working with us as we did with you. Thanks for getting so many eyeballs on Run By The Gun and to all our events.

To our Run By The Gun team, Tone Ellis de Jesus and newest member, Carisa Rossi, mucho grassy ass for all the hard work. And sorry for all the last minute changes to our graphics and misTweets and posts. You guys are family!

To all the Run By The Gun artists, you are the backbone of what we do. Without you, there’s no us. Thanks for all your hard work, talent, and patience.

Andre Coles aka Boy Wonder, Juan Dimida, Doug Fallone, Matt Conway, Matt Glick, Steve Fallone, and Julia Bowen.

And a special thanks to my partner in crime, Zambia Greene, you’re my brother. Love you.

If we forgot anyone, please accept our apologies.

The Run By The Gun creative is planning much more for 2016 and we can’t wait to showcase that for everyone.

Thanks again!


Run By The Gun: My Fathers Will (animated video)

In planning a music video for “My Father’s Will,” the first single from our latest musical release, it seemed only natural to go with an animated video as opposed to live action. The characters have been rendered by a host of artists up to now, so here was another opportunity for a stylized, unique artists’ take on two of our comic’s main characters, Sarah and Jonah.

AFROPUNK debuts RBG’s animated music video “MY FATHER’S WILL”

Check out the premiere of Run By The Gun’s first animated music video for “My Father’s Will” on AfroPunk.com October 5.

“My Father’s Will” follows Jonah Gunn as he sets out on a haunting journey to find peace in the arms of his romantic desire and artistic muse, Sarah. Jonah’s journey across the desert to Brooklyn mirrors the rough and rocky nature of his relationship with Sarah. Both know the relationship is bad, but both choose to test fate, like that last drink when you know you’ve already had enough – ‘what’s the worst that could happen?!’

Directed by:
Rey Miranda, Zambia Greene, David Kuettel, Josh Grubbs

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