Comic Books

RBG Comic books are available via digital download from Comixology and Comicsfix, and in print from Comics Flea Market.

RBG’s comic book and web comic series allows fans of RBG’s music a greater understanding of how their songs came to be. In a sense, the books are a much more detailed, story-driven, version of liner notes.


Run By The Gun #1

The Misanthrope: Peter Palermo tries to convince Jonah Gunn to join his new band. Their past relationship gives Jonah pause, until an unexpected event forces his hand.

Run By The Gun #2

… the answer to my whole stupid life… Facing a decision that will effect everyone he loves most, Peter Palermo must choose between doing the right thing, and following his life’s dream.

Run By The Gun #3

The Frigate Bird: Months following the birth of Peter and Ada’s baby, Jonah is hard at work trying to build a new band with Peter. Meanwhile, Jonah’s relationship with Sarah has grown sexually, but not much otherwise. Despite feeling compelled to be in one another’s company, the two struggle painfully to get an understanding of both each other, and the new, toxic beast that their dubious, mutual attraction has created. Tempers flare and nerve-endings fray, as old behaviors and new attitudes threaten to crack Jonah’s well-crafted veneer of quiet strength. Will… the lone wolf… survive?