songs from the little blue house (preview)


“Doesn’t it just break your heart… I mean, you want to make it. I mean really, really make it. But let’s see – how many people come to NYC every week, trying to be rock stars? 100 easy. They’re pouring off the buses at Port Authority. 100 a week, that’s 5,000 a year. Another 5,000 go out to LA, another 5 kick around Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, working it there, that’s 15,000 a year? Shit, that’s conservative – it’s probably more like 50,000…

My point is… how many are going to make it? 45,000 a year never get anywhere. They never get a break, they knock up some girl, take a job driving some bakery truck – maybe 4,000 become professional musicians playing a hotel lounge near some airport. The cream, the top 1,000 get to be in a Zeppelin tribute band, make middle class money, or be 18th runner up on American Idle – but to really make a name, to be a star: maybe 10. 10 people yearly. Worldwide. 10 people out of 50,000 make it. Jonah. You think you’re going to be one of them?”


Jonah Gunn: “I don’t know. I’m not sure… I mean, I’m used to being a winner, you know, from playing sports and shit, but this is grown up life… like, I know Im good, but I guess at this point I just don’t think about that. I’m just following my interests, exploring what I love so life can be bearable. Maybe I’d kill to progress, depends on the circumstance. I ain’t gonna wind up playing no hotels, or in no Kiss cover band or whatever, but I’m not gonna turn my back on MY DREAMS. My dreams, they are me.”